pH of Some Common Solutions
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pH Determination of Some Common Solutions

pH Determination of Some Common Solutions

pH is the measurement of the amount of hydrogen ions in solution. Litmus paper can be used to measure pH. A base will cause red litmus to turn blue; blue litmus will not change. An acid will cause blue litmus to turn red; red litmus will not change. A neutral solution will not change red or blue litmus.

Use the litmus paper below to test each of the seven solutions. Drag a strip to a beaker and dip it in the solution. Release the strip for a couple of seconds. Then lift the strip out of the beaker and record its color in the table in your Lab-Lecture Manual on page 29. Also write the name of each solution in the box with its number, and your conclusion about the solution's pH.

red litmus paper blue litmus paper

Record Your Observation

Record your data in the table on page 29 of your Lab-Lecture Manual. Then click OK to discard the used litmus strip.


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